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Hi! I'm Alex.

I love trying new things.

Traveling, photography, painting, cooking, holistic wellness, yoga, boxing, hunting, and fly fishing ----

I’ve always thought my interests were too varied, that they didn’t work together, and that I had no niche to call home. Realizing that all my "dabbles" is what makes me, ME has been a game changer. Why try to fit into one mold, when you can create your own? This is my niche. This is who I am.

The more I leaned into my passions, the happier I became, and the more I felt like I had a purpose. Dabbling Wild serves as a place where I can write about my latest interests, the things I'm learning, and hopefully educate and inspire more people to get outside!


So please, take some time to explore, maybe learn a new recipe, and reach out if you would like to create something epic together!

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