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The perfect bachelorette weekend in Charleston!

Okay, so I may be a little biased because as MOH (maid of honor) I was responsible for planning… buuut I still think this was the best yet ;)

Our group is moving into the next phase of our lives, but just because we aren't in college anymore doesn't mean we're having any less fun. This has been such a fun and crazy time for all of us with three bachelorettes in the past three years and three more coming up this year!

I was honored when Elise asked me to be her MOH, and super excited for my first official duty: plan the bachelorette.

When we arrived in Charleston, the first thing we needed to do was pick up the super sexy mom-van we rented to fit all of us. A little smooth talking (and possibly a slight misunderstanding of how much luggage we actually had) later, we got upgraded to a luxury SUV. It took a little finagling to get all of us and our luggage in, but we were on our way! Woot woot!!

Our Airbnb ended up being in the most perfectly located spot right on King Street, where we were in walking distance from everywhere we wanted to go. We had a great rooftop hangout where we could enjoy the warm air and people watch.

Chelsea was amazing and showed us her skills teaching a barre class our first morning. We all got tight and toned just in time to get into our swimsuits!

After barre was boat time! We rented a yacht through Island Girl Charters for a few hours. It was SO MUCH FUN. Since we’d be on the water during lunch, we ordered amazing sandwiches from Persimmon Cafe to bring with us!

After boating and day drinking, we thought we’d head back to shower and possibly squeeze in a nap — but the day had other plans for us. We followed the sound of live music and wandered into Republic where it was happy hour and punch bowls were half off. So we ordered two… little did we know how big there were!

(Photo cred for those first two goes out to Republic -- check 'em out on IG!)

We had a ton of fun dancing and singing along to our favorite tunes. And in true Elise fashion, we befriended Phil, the manager, who invited us back for a VIP evening with them.

No one around us thought we were making it back out.

But joke's on them, cuz we did!

Saturday morning we were all up fairly early and decided we needed sustenance before our brunch reservation. Right around the corner was a cute doughnut shop with the most amazing looking doughnuts ever. I was super sad there weren’t any gluten free options but I got to enjoy a banging honey latte. We brunched at Prohibition and to our surprise, there was live music to go along with their delicious food.

After brunch we went over to see Rainbow Row and wandered around town.

Dinner consisted of AMAZING sushi at O-Ku sushi. The O-Ku nigiri otoro was the most divine thing that has passed my lips in a long time. We had a moment together, and it was beautiful.

After dinner and a mini photoshoot sesh, we danced the night away at Trio until they turned the lights on.

If you couldn’t tell by our faces, we had the BEST TIME EVER. We now have a shared album with 722 photos, 33 videos, and memories we’ll be talking about decades from now.

Charleston, you stole a little piece of my heart. I’ll be back.

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